jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

IFKS - Proyecto Interlaced Fakes?

IFKS is a project of my long time collaborator Juan Domingo about fake videos of strange phenomena on the internet.
Using the aesthetics of false documentary, IFKS gathers the series of fake movies made for the project (The Giant Eel Of Albufera and Crop Circles in Alboraya). I've produced sound for this and in the movie appear few Matka's tracks. Spanish version only, sorry...

IFKS site

Matka & ID:Mora vs. Benedicto XV

Here is another video that we've made with video heretic ID:Mora for public performance as part of celebration of pope's visit in Valencia back in 2006.

ID:Mora site

jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

La Sed

This is trailer for the theater play The Thirst by valencian company Carme Teatre where I was invited to work on sound design together with David Alarcon. You can watch longer version here.

La sed es un montaje para transitar los diferentes espacios de la nave que alberga la sala Carme Teatre.
La sed no es un espectáculo sino un proceso de investigación que surge como necesidad artística para saciar inquietudes y abastecer impulsos.
Un lugar para la reflexión, donde artistas de distintas áreas se aúnan en un proyecto de creación colectiva.
Un recorrido por el teatro, la danza, la performance y la instalación.
La sed es un viaje por los deseos y las aversiones.
Una metáfora del desequilibrio.
Una vivencia emocional a través de espejismos.


Here is another video for the track Interzone from The Killers Playground EP, I accidently came across this broken 90's video game and I think it worked quite well with the music.

The Killers Playground EP

Here is my first 12" released in 2009 by greek Creative Space records.
It has three original tracks by me and remixes by Ekaros and Moving Ninja. Can be bought as 12" or as digital download. For example here


Here we go. I've decided to open this blog to keep people updated with stuff I'm working on, whether its Matka or other projects. I'm not sure if I should write in english, spanish or czech, guess this will depend on the mood. So, first entry will be this video made by ID:Mora for my track Somnambulic from The Killers Playground EP that recently won award at Chicago's CIMM fest'10.